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Virtual brand spaces for a material world

Your customers are waiting. Let them in–with MetaDesign Virtual Brand Spaces. Now people can interact with your brand in a deep, immersive, experiential way. Retail. Exhibition. Institutional. Revolutional.

Deliver unexpected, exciting experiences.

Enter Virtual Brand Spaces by MetaSpaces, MetaDesign's specialists in spatial design. Engage customers now with a strong, future-proof, brand experience platform. It’s designed to grow and adapt with your business in a constantly changing, dynamic business environment. Transcending the material world, its physical limitations and spatial restrictions.

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Our partners

Meet some of our most dynamic business partners. Together, we’re helping them transform their businesses to achieve integrated customer experiences.

Virtual Brand Spaces

Connect to customers

Build once. Reach millions. Your virtual brand space is always on. Which is why it’s the ideal platform for transforming sales processes and customer relationships. Exponentially.

Deliver integrated virtual experiences

From rich, experiential journeys to carefully curated touch points, Virtual Brand Spaces by MetaSpaces let your customers experience your brand–and take action.

Engage customers with your brand

Transform your physical exhibition booth into a scalable, digital space. Create a dynamic, experiential platform where your salesforce and customers can interact. Let people discover the full depth and breadth of your brand and products.

Build your space. Unlock your brand’s potential. Our experts are ready to make it happen now.

We can also help your brand thrive in a digitally-centric world.

Virtual Brand Spaces deliver powerful, personalized experiences for building connections between brands and people. Whether virtual or physical. Let our team of experts create the customized solutions you need to drive digital transformation and seamless brand experiences.

Experience our latest physical and digital solutions here.