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How do you enable electric long-distance travel in Europe?


  • Automotive & mobility


  • Positioning
  • Naming
  • Brand identity systems (CI/VI)

When traveling electrically, the biggest issue today is range-anxiety. That’s why five of Germany’s biggest automakers (OEMs), Volkswagen Group’s Audi and Porsche, Daimler, Ford and BMW Group joined forces to make this problem obsolete. Together, they are building a groundbreaking high-power charging (HPC) network throughout Europe. MetaDesign was asked to develop the name and brand design for the joint venture.

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Create a name and a brand design that radiates confidence, innovative power and performance.

Our goal was to develop a bold, energetic and innovative brand, both in terms of its visual appearance, and its name. Two challenges are unique to this task: First, the brand needs to stand out clearly in the particularly cluttered environment of service stations.Secondly, it needs to fit with the other OEM brands, as Ionity will be an important instrument for the OEMs to promote their newest generation of EVs.

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Based on sound market research, MetaDesign developed different routes for brand name and design. In close collaboration with the client’s team, a joint team of MetaDesign strategists and creatives developed several iterations of brand name and design.

Our scope of work

  • Research
  • Brand name development
  • Design development
  • Imagery style exploration
  • Styleguide development
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A powerful, distinct and European brand name and a differentiating and flexible brand design.

To highlight the direct connection to e-mobility, the name Ionity combines the words “ion”, “electricity”, and “infinity”. It is a confident testimony of innovation and performance. The powerful and bold brand design is the embodiment of the company’s vision: to enable long-distance travel in the whole of Europe.All basic rules and principles were summarized in a design guide that enable all stakeholders to implement the brand.

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