We make businesses the best they can be

We are a creative brand consultancy. We’ve been collaborating with leading organizations to solve brand and business challenges since 1979. Our team across seven locations uses the power of creativity to transform businesses for the better.

Our core solutions

Brand strategy

Crafting sustainable brand strategies with real-life applicability using robust proprietary tools allows us to translate original ideas into uniquely impactful brand strategies defining the future of brands across all dimensions. Our strategists craft sustainable brand experiences, create memorable product and company names and engage on brand architecture systems to help businesses go to market efficiently.

  • Positioning
  • Purpose, mission, vision
  • Naming
  • Market and brand equity insights
  • Brand portfolio and architecture
  • Employer branding
  • Messaging and claims
Brand creation

Designing delightful user interactions, whether analog, digital, or spatial, is how we use the power of creativity to transform brands. Bold creative concepts bring strategies to life across multiple touchpoints. Our creative and sustainable solutions shape the smallest detail all the way through to complete user journeys.

  • Brand identity systems (CI/VI)
  • Interaction and experience design (UI/UX)
  • Motion design (A/V)
  • Spatial design (retail, trade, signage)
  • Packaging design
  • Dynamic design guidelines
  • POS design
Brand experience

Creating immersive experiences allow the brands we work with to shine and speak to people clearly. Whether we’re designing universal experience principles or prototyping sustainable and exciting new digital products, our goal is to create memorable branded interactions that awaken all senses.

  • Web and app design
  • Innovation and service design
  • Product prototyping
Brand activation

Creatively activating customers, management, and employees for building long-term, sustainable brand engagement is the foundation of a successful transformation process. We support our clients with detailed transition planning, communications strategy, and change management. Brand Expert®, our global brand management tool, simplifies governance and empowers brands to maintain consistency and cohesion across markets.

  • Brand implementation
  • Brand communications (internal and external)
  • Brand governance (blueprint and monitoring)
  • Leadership and employee engagement
  • Brand help desk
  • Change management

Our speciality solutions

Product Design

MDX is MetaDesign‘s unit for the development of products and services with a lasting impact. Our team consists of technologists, product designers, visual & motion designers, researchers, software engineers and strategists.

  • UI/UX design
  • Product & Service development
  • Physical product development
  • Product strategy
  • Experience strategy
  • Training and coaching

Meet MDX

Spatial Design

MetaSpaces is MetaDesign's unit for the creation of modular and scalable Brand Hubs that transfer the brand's essence into a virtual experience, from single purpose spaces to entire worlds. Our team consists of spatial designers, product designers and project managers who contribute to creating lasting experiences with physical and virtual brand presentations.

  • Motion design (A/V)
  • Spatial design (retail, trade, signage)

Who we are

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Our offices

Our global leadership team

Nicholas Baddour

Managing Director Lausanne

Meta Design Portraits 2020 Nicholas Baddour 1

Diana Brix

Managing Director Düsseldorf

MD DUS Diana Brix

Lukas Eiselin

CEO Switzerland

MDZH 1024x684 Lukas Eiselin 3025

Alexander Haldemann


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Daniel Leyser

CEO MetaDesign Global

MD BER Daniel Leyser

Mauro Marescialli

Managing Director Beijing

MD BEI Mauro Marescialli

Rupali Steinmeyer

Chief Growth Officer and Managing Director, US

MD SFO Rupali Steinmeyer