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1202, Prosper Centre West Block
5 Guanghua Road
100020 Beijing
Business Development
+8610 85 88 32 58
Human Resources
Sarah Xue +8610 65 63 36 12
Corporate Communications
Wendy Wang +8610 85 88 32 33
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Our Beijing office was set up to grow MetaDesign’s global footprint with an emphasis on the Asia-Pacific region.

The strategic and creative output we deliver ensures that companies including Volkswagen China, Škoda, Byton, DiDi Mobility, Meizu, and Vivo are on brand across offerings and channels. Our sound branding for DiDi ride sharing app is one of the most recognizable mobile notification sounds in China – reaching over 30 million riders every day.

The studio welcomes diversity and is as global as an office can get. Proudly MetaDesign, proudly different!

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Some of our projects

Some of us

Mauro Marescialli

Managing Director

MD BEI Mauro Marescialli

Sally Anderson

Creative Director

MD BEI Sally Anderson

Owen Li

Associate Strategy Director

MD BEI Owen Li

Siuming Leung

Associate Creative Director

MD BEI Siuming Leung

Wendy Wang

Executive Assistant

MD BEI Wendy Wang

Sarah Xue

Human Resources

MD BEI Sarah Xue