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After more than 100 years, we have redesigned the Fortis brand. With a clear stance and an uncompromizing brand identity, Fortis goes beyond the customary values such as Swissness and Heritage and positions itself as independent and robust as its watches.

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Since 1912, the Swiss watch manufacturer Fortis has been producing high-quality watches in the Swiss town of Grenchen. To shape its future, the company trusts in the power of brand.

The challenge: How to stand out in a market where everyone defines themselves by heritage and tradition? The result: An uncompromising brand identity that is clearly committed to its independence. For timepieces whose qualities stand the test of time regarding form, function and design.

In the course of the new positioning, we sharpened the logo, typography, visual language, brand language and all elements of brand communication. We created a brand experience that confidently uses its powerful design to highlight the robust characteristics of their watches. Watches without ifs and buts. And most importantly, for a lifetime.

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