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As one of the leading telecommunications companies, Deutsche Telekom equips people with the best the digital world has to offer.

But Telekom wants more - and does more. Since 2021, millions of Telekom users have been able to surf the "Green Network," which is powered 100 percent by renewable energies.

Various projects and programs on the subject of sustainability have been an integral part of Deutsche Telekom's corporate strategy for years.

In fact, Telekom's entire value chain is to be completely climate-neutral by 2040.
But Telekom is not only expanding the network, it is also helping to make it a safe and tolerant place for everyone to enjoy.

It has set itself the mission of making the world not only more digital, but also more sustainable, fairer and more enjoyable - and we were able to support them in this endeavor.

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“Act responsibly” is part of our Group strategy and therefore motivation and obligation for each of our employees.

Timotheus Höttges, CEO Deutsche Telekom

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The two labels #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta are a signal for the new start and the new ambition. The #GreenMagenta label identifies products, services, projects, measures and initiatives that make a positive contribution to climate protection and the responsible use of resources. #GoodMagenta identifies projects, measures and initiatives that make a positive contribution to social and societal challenges in the digital world.

We supported Telekom in the process and laid the foundation for successful CSR communication by developing a design and communication concept, the central assets and CSR guidance. This enables all team members of the project to implement the upcoming CSR measures and to confidently communicate Telekom's pioneering role in this area.

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CSR Guideline

A CSR Guideline summarizes the cornerstones of the design and communication concept with its various elements. This includes the independent magenta shape, the two labels #GreenMagenta and #GoodMagenta in different configuration levels, the layout system and the eye-catching visual language. The dynamic text-image combination and the self-confident, direct and activating approach gives Telekom an unmistakable voice in its sustainability activities.

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CSR Touchpoints

In order to communicate the various topics in the two categories "Environmental Sustainability" and "Social Responsibility", we as the PowerofOne team, together with our colleagues from Saatchi&Saatchi, have developed the central motives that are provided as key templates. These can be adapted precisely to the numerous forms of media and contact points. With the CSR guidance and the communicative assets, the CSR communication can be played out at all contact points, across all channels, and to relevant target groups in a targeted manner, thus achieving its full potential.

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CSR Microsite

To mark Earth Day on April 22, we developed a CSR landing page for Telekom that explains the background of the sustainability campaign and provides users with an overview of the #GreenMagenta program. Top-level page sections present important facts and background information about the CSR program.

In the lower part of the website, nine articles with videos, further links, etc. offer a first insight into some of the numerous programs and initiatives. The site is intended to accompany all of Deutsche Telekom's current and future corporate social responsibility measures and will therefore be successively expanded and supplemented.

Find the CSR microsite* here: www.green-magenta.com

*Technical implementation and programming was handled by the agency upside, relationship marketing GmbH.

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