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Deutsche Telekom

Brand Experience Principles


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What makes the Telekom brand feel unique? How can we ensure that customers experience it at every touchpoint? The new Telekom Experience Principles make it easy to shape and steer all Telekom touchpoint experiences. An already advanced brand management is taken to the next level.
Besides creating the Telekom Experience Principles, our work included identifying future focus areas for brand management to future-proof the brand.

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Every interaction matters

Creating a great brand experience increasingly is about shaping a great overall user experience. While physical touchpoints remain essentials, digital interactions impact how consumers perceive brands more than ever. The Telekom Experience Principles enable to create coherent and delightful experiences along the entire user journey. The three simple yet powerful principles describe the intended impact of the brand across its touchpoints. They guide everyone involved in bringing experiences to life. This is what interacting with Deutsche Telekom should feel like:

201109 DBEX Case Principles

Based on key aspects of the brand strategy and fundamental user needs, the Experience Principles combine user and brand perspective. That is how we ensure that interactions are both relevant to users and unique in terms of brand expression at the same time.

Our process: collaborative and interdisciplinary

Creating and refining the Experience Principles was an interdisciplinary team effort, including all disciplines from strategy, design, research and UX as well as various departments across Deutsche Telekom.

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201109 DBEX Case Model

For further information please check out the dedicated Microsite that was created in close collaboration with digital agency Denkwerk: www.experience.telekom.com

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