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Technology startups often face a dual challenge: introducing a new brand to the world, and introducing a new category of product.


  • Technology & telecommunication


  • Employer branding
  • Interaction and experience design (UI/UX)

The founders of Inkling were among the first to see the potential for devices like the iPad to change learning. We developed their brand positioning and created a visual identity that evokes a sense of awakening curiosity and wonder.

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ink | ling (ngklng) n.

  1. A slight hint or indication
  2. A slight understanding or vague idea or notion. The identity reflects the idea that as we learn something, much of the information remains concealed at first, beckoning us to look deeper.
Metadesign Inkling Brand Identity Design
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MetaDesign helped us define and develop our core brand attributes and delivered a design that is evocative and sophisticated.

Matthew MacInnis, CEO, Inkling

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