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La Mobilière

On the bright side of life


  • Financial services


  • Brand identity systems (CI/VI)
  • Dynamic design guidelines
  • Brand implementation
  • Brand communications (internal and external)
  • Brand governance (blueprint and monitoring)

La Mobilière is one of the most important life insurance companies in Switzerland. Firmly people-oriented, La Mobilière is genuine, collaborative, and resolutely optimistic towards the damages that occur in daily life. La Mobilière is always there for its customers – quickly, and without bureaucracy. The new brand identity demonstrates the La Mobilière’s plans to project its brand into a more digital future.

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The situation

La Mobilière has an unparalleled reputation in the market and among the customers. Together we set the strategic course to take the brand into the future.

The aim is to actively face nowadays expectations while simultaneously carrying the proven of 189 years of success into the future. The focus layson digitalization and the related change in customer behavior, in order to underscore the unique position and reputation in the Swiss insurance industry.

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Our strategy

The focus lays on an utterly positive attitude towards life and its opportunities as such. La Mobilière is the most personal insurance of Switzerland. Being a cooperative ever since, she follows the strong believe that things in life generally go well. People shall live their life, and in the rare case of an incident, La Mobilière is on the spot quickly. This especially for the insurance industry exceptional promise shall be expressed in the brand with even more determination.

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What we did

We partner with La Mobilière from its full strategy scope to its visual appearance along with numerous implementations in all branding matters.

  • Brand positioning
  • Visual and verbal appearance
  • Brand management portal
  • Design/concept brand zone
  • Digital applications
  • Storytelling strategy map
  • Thematic leadership and messaging toolbox
  • Ongoing cooperation of the brand/brand hotline
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Our solution

The refreshed brand shows the self-conception and allows La Mobilière to feature it precisely and sustainably along the canon of all their media. The brand refers to the history of La Mobilière and at the same time leads into the future. It expresses the tight partnership in all strategic and creative matters. A brand platform provides inspiration to playfully implement the entire width of strategic and visual tasks in the context of the brand promise.

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Numbers speak for themselves

  • 79 general agencies with local decision-making competency, truly living customer-proximity

  • 3 billion premium threshold excelled in 2018

  • Rank 1 among all Swiss insurance companies regarding customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • 193 years of engagement for mankind, one unique success story

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