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Some brands aim for mass appeal. Others focus on a very specific audience.


  • Technology & telecommunication


  • Positioning
  • Brand identity systems (CI/VI)
  • Dynamic design guidelines

SRC:CLR (pronounced “source clear”) is a startup that wants developers to rethink their approach to software security. We created a brand identity that speaks to developers – and developers only.

Metadesign Srcclr Brand Identity
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We chose a monoline, monospace typeface – albeit one with a refined feel – to evoke computer code. The selective use of ASCII art is another way the brand can connect with programmers.

Metadesign Srcclr Brand Guidelines
Metadesign Srcclr Business Card Design
Metadesign Srcclr Brand Graphics
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"MetaDesign didn’t brand us; they helped us understand who we were and how to tell people visually what we care about, and the results are speaking for themselves."

Mark Curphey, Founder & CEO, SRC:CLR

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