Konzerthaus Berlin

A visionary director, a charismatic principal conductor, and a cross-disciplinary team of MetaPeople who love music – in 2012, that was the prelude to a resounding future for the Konzerthaus Berlin, a concert hall with a rich heritage.


  • Arts & culture


  • Positioning
  • Brand identity systems (CI/VI)
  • Innovation and service design

A new brand strategy, a new look and feel, and a new, diverse program were the ways to get even more people excited about classical music. And it worked: since then, visitor numbers have grown and grown.

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“With an unusual approach and poetic imagery, this campaign communicates the intelligent humor of our principal conductor, Iván Fischer, while highlighting the open-door mindset of the Konzerthaus Berlin.”

Dr. Sebastian Nordmann, Director, Konzerthaus Berlin


So how can you continue to inspire 12,000 subscribers and an ever-growing fan base? With innovative formats, rousing festivals, and surprising communication.

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