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The Situation

Parship is the epitome of online dating in Germany. At the same time, however, the brand lacks a clear and relevant profile to open up new target groups. To counteract this challenge, the brand’s positioning should be redefined and positively emotionalized through its identity. In this way, the generally rather negative image of online dating should also be counteracted.

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Our Strategy

From rational and distanced to a more human touch - the new positioning stresses the path from being in love to togetherness. With this positioning, Parship clearly distinguishes itself from the competition. Rather than searching, we demonstrate the finding. And instead of the large selection of possible partners, the person as an individual becomes the focus. The design should express this reorientation and communicate it with an iconic brand symbol.

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Our Process

Who better to develop the new brand identity than a couple? This is precisely what we have done. As a genuine couple, Tim and Franzi translated the brand idea into the new visuality for Parship in a design sprint. In an interdisciplinary team, the brand identity “digital first” was developed for all relevant contact points of the brand.

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Our Solution

Emotional, approachable and modern in its appearance. The new brand identity gives online dating a new, unmistakable face. The brand identity celebrates the individuality of people and the moment of falling in love. Core elements of the identity are authentic portraits and the “Love Check”. As a heart and a check, the new brand symbol clearly symbolizes what Parship stands for.

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