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Smartenergy is a driving force in energy transition. As a Swiss investment firm, it specializes in wind power, solar and hydrogen projects. Its goal is to drive energy transition by investing in renewable energies, and thus to invest in a sustainable future.

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As their lead agency, we supported Smartenergy in developing a visionary idea into a "hero brand" with international appeal. In just 100 days, we developed and implemented a brand that communicates what Smartenergy stands for with determination and commitment: Renewable energies as the way into the future, bringing together experts from a wide range of disciplines, breaking new ground, wanting to make a difference – and thereby investing sustainably.

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The result is a self-confident brand that is characterized by its courageous and unconventional approach to sustainability. This is also reflected in the reduced, expressive and high-contrast appearance: bold use of color and typography, an imagery that showcases raw natural forces, loud and confident language, and a logo that evokes heroic wings, always ensuring that the brand is made to fly.

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