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  • Energy


  • Positioning
  • Market and brand equity insights
  • Brand identity systems (CI/VI)
  • Spatial design (retail, trade, signage)
  • Brand implementation
  • Brand communications (internal and external)
  • Leadership and employee engagement
  • Brand help desk

Avacon is one of the leading regional energy companies in Germany.

It is an independent part within the greater E.ON cooperation and responsible for more than 85.000 km of energy grids in its region. However, thanks to its expanding solutions and digital business Avacon has more to offer than most people know. A rebranding offers the basis for an sharper image and an increase in aware-ness within a diverse set of
customer target groups.

XXL Avacon image8a

Our strategy

For the people of its region Avacon is always close by. Not just geographically but also emotionally.

The brand’s new positioning highlights Avacon distinctive features: being approachable, hands-on and reliable. Here merges technical competence with a down-to-earth attitude. Thereby, Avacon paves its way from classic grid provider to a forward thinking energy partner for its region.

What we did

In an agile and modular process a new strategic and visual basis were development:

  • Brand consulting & strategy
  • Brand design & UX/UI
  • Supervision of launch event for all employees and other important stakeholder
  • Creation of internal brand activation & external engagement measures
XXL Avacon image9

Our solution

An energetic and emotional new brand identity for a flexible application.

The most prominent element of the visual design is “the pulse”: in the simplistic form a sinus-oidal wave it represents the vibrant and connective energy of the Avacon brand. Embedded into an eye-catching multicolor design system with true-to-life photography, it showcases the emotional added value Avacon’s energy solutions have to offer.

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