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Employer Value Loop

Transforming organizations into a sustainable talent powerhouse through systematic branding, creative expertise and operational excellence

New solutions for the future of the labor market

The pressures on organizations to win talent has amplified in the recent years. The great resignation, the great reshuffle and global skill shortage have had an enormous impact on organizations, globally. With the supporting infrastructure and organizational acceptance of flexible working, location is now irrelevant. Increased digitization, automation and personalization means companies across categories are battling for a unified global pool of best talents with specialized skillsets. It is both a tremendous challenge and a big opportunity for organizations and they need to take defining steps to put themselves in a winning position. In order to successfully prepare companies for these immense challenges, the HR and management consultancy Kienbaum Consultants International and Publicis Groupe Germany are combining their expertise to create a unique consulting offering.

There is really a lot to do

  • How to identify and translate the explicit and implicit needs of talent into a compelling Employer Value Proposition?
  • How to integrate, express and monitor the Employer Value Proposition across the entire talent journey?
  • How to define and safeguard culture, enabling consistent leadership styles across different organizational systems and working modes?
  • How to build an HR infrastructure and integrate the right people, processes and tools to sustainably manage the employer brand?

Facing the challenges together with two strong partners

Answering these questions requires us to think across functional silos and build connections to the corporate brand. It helps to have a strong employer brand and messages that resonate with talents. But to really stand out as an outstanding employer we need to address the deeper issues and ensure that the right policies, systems, processes, tools and enablers are in place. Which is why we are combining our competencies and experience to empower our clients in their transformation journey. No matter where they are in their journey towards becoming the dream destination for top talents, we can help them every step of the way.

Added value for all aspects of your HR and talent management

At the heart of the offering is the Employer Value Loop. Based on the Employer Value Loop, companies can optimize all aspects of HR and talent management, from employer brand strategy to brand experience for existing and future employees to operationalization in human resources.

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We analyze the status quo of the brand, the current market, and the needs of talent and the organization. This helps us identify requirements to systematically develop the future employer brand in collaboration with our clients. From the definition of the EVP to the development of a content framework, we ensure the optimal design of the employer brand.


The employer branding strategy translates into a comprehensive brand experience that encompasses the entire talent journey. From look and feel, to communication efforts, to the right channel strategy, the employer brand becomes a cohesive experience at every touchpoint that can be easily managed by the organization.


With the appropriate organizational and technical infrastructure, we ensure the most effective employer brand. A systematic brand implementation as well as data-driven HR operations and evaluation methods enable the gradual adjustment of future experience parameters.

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Potential offerings

Employer Brand Strategy

Brand and market analysis

  • Gain clear understanding of the brand’s initial situation, audience needs and market context

Stakeholder insights

  • Gather insight and vision of internal experts and ensure comittment of key decision makers

Talent and employee insights

  • Understand mindset, experience, need-states and channels of current employees and talent

Future role identification

  • Identify main target roles and profile requirements incl. skills, qualifications, and experience

Persona development

  • Analyze candidate needs incl. hard and soft factors to create target personas

Needs heat map development

  • Establish a heat map of business and candidate needs for the development of a target EVP
Employer Brand Experience

EVP development

  • Define and formulate the overall employer value narrative for all geographies and roles

Tailored Role EVPs

  • Break down of narratives for each role based on the global story and specific audience needs/job types

Employer Brand Expression

  • Create all employer brand assets based on the specific EVP narratives and roles within the organization

Channel activation strategy

  • Define the communication funnel, relevant media channels and content framework for each role/market.
Employer Brand Infrastructure

Topic clusters

  • Develop and formulate required measures for the successful roll- out of the EVP concept by focusing on clustering of relevant topics

Governance setup

  • Define relevant governing structures for the global branding strategy by establishing roles and responsibilities as well as rules and policies

Implementation roadmap

  • Set up a detailed roadmap for the initial implementation of the EVP defined measures within a defined time-frame
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For the first time, we are able to look at such processes from more than just one perspective. It does not end with brand and communication or HR organization and HR infrastructure, but all components are considered in a fully integrated way.

Daniel Leyser, Global CEO MetaDesign

Our partner

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Kienbaum Consultants International is a personnel and management consultancy that puts people at the center of its advising portfolio. The company is specialized in placing people in organizations and in this way bringing change to successful fruition. Kienbaum is active in executive search, human capital services, change and organization consulting and communication fields. In these areas, interdisciplinary teams rely on decades of consulting experience, proven sector expertise and the user-oriented scientific findings of the Kienbaum Research Institute. Kienbaum was founded in Germany 70 years ago and is operated today as a family and partner company. In addition to its headquarters in Cologne, the company is represented in 18 countries on four continents.

Our Team

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Head of Strategy

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Managing Strategist

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