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Retail Concepts (POS)":


  • 汽车&出行


  • 空间设计(零售,贸易,标牌)
  • Event
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Copy: New Volkswagen – eine brand reinvents itself. With the New Brand Design the group creates more than just a new visual brand presentation. They initialize a new, holistic brand experience covering all touchpoints and all channels. The Roll out of the New Brand Design was done globally at every dealership. The particular challenge:

  • Different architectural styles and area sizes.
  • Incorporate existing stock elements
20190814 VW NBD 0311

By designing a modular, scalable furniture and facility system, MetaSpaces helped Volkswagen transform its dealership facilities into experiential customer landscapes. Now dealers have the freedom to rapidly launch new dealerships and upgrade existing ones–quickly and inexpensively.

20190814 VW NBD 0224
20190814 VW NBD 1695

Die Händler haben jetzt die Freiheit, schnell und kostengünstig neue Autohäuser auszustatten und bestehende mit dem neuen Look & Feel zu modernisieren.

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