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  • Consumer goods & retail


  • Brand strategy
  • Purpose, mission, vision
  • Brand identity systems (CI/VI)
  • Packaging design
  • Dynamic design guidelines
  • Brand communications (internal and external)

Tradition and innovation are in hansgrohe's DNA - with more than 15,000 industrial property rights and over 600 design awards, from the first hand shower with a porcelain handle to the digital shower experience with RainTunes, the brand accompanies its customers practically, aesthetically and always with high quality in their everyday lives.
However, innovations, customer needs and the market have changed and made a repositioning necessary.

The situation

A critical and honest look at hansgrohe's communications reveals a blurred image of the brand. The visual identity, an outdated typesetting and little white space results in diminished potential for differentiation and standing out in the market. The brand also lacks its full power when it comes to communication, being reduced to factual presentation instead of using the possibilities of inspiring storytelling.


Simple and comprehensible - strategic branding

A detailed Brand Leadership Platform defines the key elements of the brand. At the center is the new Purpose: We deliver human-centric water experiences that make you truly feel alive.

Complementary components such as beliefs were added to the purpose and the purpose story, which also communicate the brand values and characteristics internally. In this way, the Brand Leadership Platform provides all employees with orientation as to what the brand stands for and anchors the attributes in the company. This holistic view of the brand facilitates the implementation of the repositioning, as it is understood and supported by the employees. The compact handling makes consistent brand management in all dimensions easy.


Ready for more customer perspective - brand experience principles

Brand experiences aim to connect the intention of the brand with the needs of the user. Experience Principles translate the brand strategy into concrete action instructions to develop a common understanding of how the brand should be perceived. This results in a holistic and consistent brand experience for every customer. They have general validity for the design of all touch points.

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In the middle of the moment - the new imagery

A special focus of the strategic redesign was put on the image style. This is where the new positioning can be experienced directly: The images create inspiring experiences with water that make you truly feel alive. Authentic snapshots and inspiring perspectives stage hansgrohe's products as an energizing part of the everyday life of a global target group.

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Ready for the road test

From advertising campaigns to product detail pages, from packaging to social media posts - different touch points and functions require a motif selection that is as versatile, and flexible selection of motifs. To make it as easy as possible for all those involved, the Brand Guide offers simple assistance in selecting the right images.

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The design as a visual code for a premium lifestyle brand

The design creates a character that is as high-quality as it is unmistakable: the brand color hg Green becomes a confident visual anchor point in a modern editorial look. editorial look. The reduced layout combines aesthetic with functional application - just like the hansgrohe products themselves.

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