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With more than 100 years of history, Finnish dairy provider Valio, one of the largest and most successfully dairy producers in Northern Europe, had flourished as a business-to-business operator in China’s competitive dairy industry.

Rebrand Valio After 2 UHT Full Cream

The situation

After a decade of success in China, Valio sought to expand its operations to deal directly with customers, but faced a heavily competitive market with several major domestic and international players.
As they explored new business opportunities they needed the right brand positioning and tone of voice to stand out from the crowd.

Rebrand Valio After 3 UHT Full Cream Pack

Our strategy

With multiple large players pursuing the “premium” dairy segment, Valio faced a large barrier to transform their brand positioning from business to consumer.
Therefore, Valio needed to adapt their global brand positioning to find a unique space in the market that allowed them to connect with untapped Chinese customers within the premium dairy segment.

Valio Best FMCG
Rebrand Valio After 6 UHT Skim

What we did

  • Offered comprehensive insights into the premium dairy market that helped determine the course of Valio’s brand localization
  • Completely redefined Valio’s brand positioning to leverage untapped market segments
  • Developed a fresh and appealing packaging approach that would support their new brand position while distinguishing them from competitors
Rebrand Valio After 7 UHT Overview

Our solution

With a new brand positioning and packaging, Valio experienced explosive growth in its first year operating as a customer-facing business, reaching record levels during China’s equivalent of Black Friday ‘Double 11’: Sales of Valio UHT milk exceeded 400 metric tons

  • Online sales increased by 487%, reaching 4.7 million RMB
Rebrand Valio After 5 UHT 1 L

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