Webinar recap: The future of brand design

In our second edition of our MetaTalks webinar series, we spoke about "The future of brand design" with four experts.

How does our expert panel see the future of brand design? What predictions can they make about technology? What impact will changing demographics have on brand design? What roles do usability and functionality play? Will the future bring us new and improved or just different shades of the same?

Missed the talk? Watch the recording.

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Some food for thought from our experts

Logo Gennett A Agbenu2

Gennett A. Agbenu

“In order to create value in these intersections between business and design, you have to have people that are aware of design and its value on both sides – that are able to steer the process effectively and with as much fun as possible.”

“It’s important to stay curious about new inspirations, technologies, and how we can translate technology through design to add value to whatever product or service we are creating.”

Noah Springlogo2 01 01

Noah Spring, Vice President Branding & Creative at AmerisourceBergen

“When you have diverse perspectives at the table, weighing in on the decisions to be made, happy accidents occur. Serendipity gets overlooked when talking about data. Organizations are data-driven. But what about chance? What about a little mystery and intrigue?”

“At the lowest level design only exists on screens, but the further you progress along, design becomes something in a workshop, it becomes scalable and then ultimately it’s a strategy in and of itself.”

Nolan Giles monocle Zeichenfläche 1

Nolan Giles, Senior Editor (Design) at Monocle

“It’s all about keeping an optimistic note and it’s all about improving quality of life. So, make sure you’re not overcomplicating when you’re transmitting things to an audience that might not have the same design understanding as you do.”

“As much as we can talk about the complexities of design and the growth of technology - at the end of the day if the new design’s function is not better than the one before it, then why create it?”

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