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Recap of our webinar: Branding in times of crises – A look at Asia

Lockdowns are being lifted, restrictions are being loosened, and with that the biggest question on everyone’s mind seems to be: What’s next?

Covid-19 has turned our world upside down. And while brands across the globe are tackling challenges differently, we all have one thing in common: an unknown, unpredictable, and yes, rather strange reality. You could call it the new normal. Or the next normal.

So how do brands overcome and thrive during crises? How can brands ensure trust when everything seems so uncertain? What will it take for brands to keep being relevant?

Together with our colleagues and friends from a "crises-proofed Asia", we looked for answers in our first ever MetaTalks Webinar.

Let yourself be inspired by the thoughts and insights on the topic from our expert panel from June 24, 2020.


  • Elena Chong (Head Marketing Asia Pacific, Julius Baer)
  • Jenny Chen (Head of Marketing China, Ricola)
  • Lopamudra Roy (Founder & CEO Road Not Taken)
  • Thought starter by Mauro Marescialli (Managing Director China, MetaDesign)
  • Moderation by Rupali Steinmeyer (Managing Director U.S. & Head of Growth Germany, MetaDesign)
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“For brands, a crisis is not a time for earnings, but a time to build trust.”

-Mauro Marescialli

“A crisis is a time to show empathy and handhold your clients through the process.”

-Elena Chong

“Consumers are looking for brands to be creative problem solvers.”

-Rupali Steinmeyer

“India’s top consumer trends surging on the last three months: sustainability, health-oriented lifestyle, more moderate consumption. Consumers are looking for brands to guide them through this transition.”

-Lopamudra Roy

“We see a shift of the consumer's focus to short-term considerations and a faster-paced adoption of technologies”

-Elena Chong

“Brands need to be close to the people and to their real problems and care for communities.”

-Jenny Chen

“Consumers are not stupid: they know when a brand is not being authentic. They look at the past history. Authenticity cannot be solved by marketing but at C-level”

-Mauro Marescialli

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