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Hey, check out my cool dance moves!

An insight into our daily work: we are gathering experience in the MetaVerse.

"Alright, let's use ´em ourselves, the new possibilities." And here we are in the strategy team: In's metaverse. Jumping right in for our all-weekly check-in.

And that's supposed to be "larger than life"? We're not sure. But it's definitely a bit of fun.

Starting with the virtual identity you can create. It's exciting to see how everyone chooses their alter ego.

How we all focus on ourselves first and not really on the group. "See what dance move I can do." (My favorite move: Press 4).

But what's really cool is that you can also share presentations. By the way, what about data protection? Those terms of use don't really make sense: "We may collect certain personal information automatically..." um, that doesn't sound very trustworthy.

Our first conclusion:'s offers some interesting possibilities to try out virtual environments. To create avatars or design your own rooms. To share presentations and to talk to each other. And the best: the trial is still free. Nevertheless, we prefer to meet "for real", because we don't really interact with each other. Aylin did manage to hand out cocktails but what's the point if you can't drink them? The confidentiality of data is also still questionable. So better not share any customer presentations in the metaverse....

Still, nice to have tried this out together. Maybe we'll do it again soon in Decentraland or at Roblox ;-).

Thanks to the whole crew for participating!