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For more than 145 years, Henkel’s products and innovations have been part people’s everyday lives. As a market leader in household products to beauty care to industrial adhesives, the company aims to become a purpose-driven organization and reshape its brand as a key pillar for future growth and transformation.

Together, we leaned into a bold modernization of its brand, making it future-ready and a key driver of the company’s transformation.

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Future? Ready!

Based on the company purpose, a forward-facing brand positioning as »Pioneer« unites the multi-divisional company and increases joint identification.

We continue to reflect what made Henkel strong: being focused, reliable, and substantial. At the same time, the brand becomes more engaging and welcoming. And to guide the Henkel brand and its people into the future, we increasingly extend the presence to be more progressive.

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A truly pioneering brand design

While always expressing Henkel’s pioneer positioning the new visual identity offers a high level of flexibility. It can be seamlessly tailored to any business or audience need – from focused to expressive communication.

The identity modernizes the brand without giving up what makes it recognizable: the iconic Henkel logo, which has stood for Henkel’s quality for more than 100 years, and the core colors red and white form the foundation of the design. Always showing that Henkel is transforming and determined to move forward without losing touch of its heritage.

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Leveraging the full potential of typography

Henkel’s new typography is a core brand asset. The Henkel GT Flexa is state-of-the-art variable font that offers a wide range of creative possibilities and a high level of recognition. It feels innovative, dynamic, and confident and thus strongly reflects Henkel’s brand positioning.

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Engaging and cutting-edge storytelling

The imagery is close to people’s lives, chooses dynamic perspectives and expresses Henkel’s pioneering spirit.

Inspiring computer-generated images enhance the imagery and connect Henkel’s businesses and showcase their innovation power. This makes them a compelling tool to support and advance visual storytelling when communicating abstract or complex topics.

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Freedom within the framework

The integrated brand architecture creates a clear framework while providing a high degree of flexibility for the interaction between the Henkel brand, the two future business units, Adhesive Technologies and Consumer Brands, and their product brands, as well as all Henkel functions and initiatives.

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"The Henkel brand expresses who we are, what we stand for and what we do to different target groups worldwide. That’s why a strong corporate brand with global recognition is important, not only for us, but for all our stakeholders."

Rabea Laakmann, Head of Corporate Branding & Communications Strategy at Henkel

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