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New Volkswagen – the transformation of an iconic brand


  • Automotive & mobility


  • Brand identity systems (CI/VI)
  • Spatial design (retail, trade, signage)
  • POS design

Volkswagen's future is electric, fully connected and has a neutral carbon footprint. The company is entering a new era, and so is its brand. As a trusted partner of Volkswagen for over 20 years, it was a matter of course for MetaDesign to be part of the biggest transformation in the company's history.

Our work for "New Volkswagen" included leading the creative development of the new brand design, creating a holistic and sustainable design system that facilitates a 360° brand experience as well as implementing the result of these innovations for the Chinese market.


Creating change

The revised brand design marks the dawn of a new era. As Volkswagen's trusted partner for brand design and part of the powerhouse, MetaDesign accompanied the entire creative process from initiation to roll-out.

The critical first phase of brand development saw us working together with both Volkswagen's internal teams and other agencies including DDB, Schmidhuber, Sapient Razorfish, SinnerSchrader, and Grabarz & Partner on creating a state-of-the-art design system that would reflect "New Volkswagen's" future-driven vision of mobility. The rebranding is considered to be the industry’s biggest.

In a second phase the new design system will then be implemented with other Powerhouse agencies.

In China, Volkswagen's biggest market, MetaDesign's Beijing team took the reins to ensure a seamless and consistent implementation.


“The new brand design marks the start of a new era for Volkswagen.”*

Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen Sales and Marketing Board Member


Digital-first, and no filter.

MetaDesign as part of the Volkswagen powerhouse, was instrumental in ensuring a smooth process and consistent outcome, coordinating and guiding all partners involved. The culmination of the team's efforts is a holistic and globally applicable brand design system. Volkswagen, MetaDesign and its Power House partners created a 360° brand experience which is both more modern and more authentic. The sustainable brand design and all its visual elements aim for maximum flexibility, and are applicable across all touchpoints from digital applications to physical touchpoints such as points-of-sale.

DB2019 AL01924 large
DB2019 AL01925 large

“We have created a new holistic global brand experience on all channels and across all touch points. In our presentation, we want to become more human and more lively, to adopt the customer’s perspective to a greater extent and to tell authentic stories.”*

Jochen Sengpiehl, Chief Marketing Officer of Volkswagen

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New, everywhere.

Detailed guidelines for the new brand design with all its use cases, such as brand spaces, pave the way for an efficient rollout and consistent implementation.

With the help of our Spatial Design unit, we defined the application of the relaunched design system for all global retail spaces and created a new, stylish furniture design. In total, more than 7,500 existing spaces worldwide will be rebuilt to reflect the new Volkswagen experience. Embracing the vision of a future-driven mobility brand, we also defined, designed and implemented innovative marketplace formats such as city stores and pop-up stores.

20190814 VW NBD 1695

Reflecting the future.

The entire brand image system is an authentic and future-proof reflection of the brand’s new purpose and as well as their positioning in the competitive market of e-mobility. “New Volkswagen” can be seen and experienced wherever you meet the brand, be that in the vehicle itself, in customer support, on the website, in-app and beyond. A big step for an iconic brand.



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