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Aiming to create an one-of-a-kind connected car, the BYTON brand is as much about mobility as it is about balance: between Chinese roots and global ambitions, between futuristic technology and timeless sensibility, and between elegant design and masculine performance.


The situation

When BYTON was born in 2016, its challenge was to build a premium, global, connected car brand from the ground up.

The brand had taken a strong first step thanks to its unique Latin name derived from “bytes on wheels,” and it now needed an equally powerful and memorable Chinese name.


What we did

  • Developed 4,073 naming candidates that were then narrowed to just 31 before a final name was selected
  • Conducted multiple rounds of Chinese character association analysis, cultural checks, and legal research
  • Conducted internal and external focus groups

Our solution

Two characters, a memorable name

Punchy and powerful, these two characters form a strong emotional complement to the brand’s tech-driven Latin name. At the same time the name underscores the brand’s confidence, vision, and drive – to bravely face the future, to build a better electric car, and ultimately to drive mobility itself forward.

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