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Academic integrity and assessment company evolves its brand identity and experience under our guidance.

The situation

Turnitin's products are used by educators to guide students towards higher standards of integrity and to help them develop original thinking skills. For over 20 years, it has served more than 15,000 academic institutions, scientific publishing houses, companies, government authorities, and scholars in creating a culture of academic integrity and meaningfully improving learning outcomes.

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Our process

Digitalization and the pandemic are changing the education market permanently.

A systematic and strategic approach was required: expanding Turnitin's purpose from a focus on integrity in writing to empowering students to do their best, original work across all subjects and assessment types.

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"It was important for Turnitin and for us to set up the brand for the long term, oriented toward the future – not just in terms of content, but also in terms of visual expression and brand experience."

Rupali Steinmeyer, US Managing Director, MetaDesign and leading strategist for Turnitin

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"Through our work with MetaDesign, we reflected on Turnitin’s history, our current offerings, and our vision for the future."

Nell Hurley, Head of Corporate Marketing, Turnitin

Our solution

We accompanied Turnitin through a nearly year-long process of developing a strategic brand platform and brand purpose, as well as translating the strategic direction into a new, visual brand identity.

The evolved alignment across brand strategy, visual expression, and user experience builds on Turnitin’s competencies.

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"Our goal was to create a brand experience expressing the ideas of performance, passion, precision, and presenting it in a friendly and personal manner."

Romina Fuchs, Senior Designer and Creative Lead for Turnitin

The new design, which has been gradually rolled out globally since January 2021, differentiates Turnitin and positions them as a category leader.

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