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Kunsthalle Bremen

How does one create an iconic design for an exhibition about icons?


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An art exhibition which expands the concept of icons from the original Byzantine icons to Jeff Koons? And at the same time wants to transform the museum into a space for contemplation and reflection?

This was the first task, followed by the second task:
How can the exhibition theme arouse interest and attractiveness not only of art lovers but also of people, who usually do not visit museums?

In close collaboration with Kunsthalle Bremen, we did not just create one key visual as a general design element. We also edited the exhibition title and provided new impulses in terms of content and staging.

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1 room – 1 work. Concentration meets inspiration.

With the “ICONS” exhibition, Kunsthalle Bremen exhibits images, sculptures, and installations by artists from across nine centuries to show the constant evolution of ritual veneration, devotion, and spirituality of classic icons. This comes to life in the form of an experiment: 1 space – 1 work. For the first time only one work of art is exhibited in each of the 60 rooms of the building. This creates individual visual and sensual experiences, which provoke intensive reactions and strong experiences – aesthetic, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual.

2019 Ikonen Installationsansicht für Web MM 106
2019 Ikonen Installationsansicht für Web MM 057 Kopie
Kunsthalle 19 10 2019 Eröffnung Ikonen MMP1895
2019 Ikonen VIP Voreröffnung BC 063

My icons. Your icons.
Our icons?

To attract new target groups besides art aficionados, we expanded the concept and meaning of icons related to the modern living environment and thus generated personal relevance. Under the overarching title “ICONS. Worship and Adoration,” visitors were invited to experience new perspective of everyday icons. To show their own icons. To share them. And to question them.

Kunsthalle 4 10 2019 Eröffnung Ikonen MMP1012 MMP5999
Kunsthalle 19 10 2019 Eröffnung Ikonen MMP1883
Kunsthalle 4 10 2019 Eröffnung Ikonen MMP1012 MMP6172
2019 Ikonen VIP Voreröffnung BC 137

Timeless or Zeitgeist?
4 x everyday icons.

Together with the Kunsthalle, four additional themed spaces were created for the iconization in everyday life, which used interactive exhibits and media elements to make the iconization in our modern living worlds visible and tangible.

“Brands as icons”
“Iconic people & iconic moments“
“Iconization of the I”
“House altars”

The themed spaces were consciously and surprisingly integrated into the artistic course and followed the artistic exhibition concept of contemplation, reflection, and discourse in staging and scenography.

2019 Ikonen Installationsansicht für Web MM 023 Kopie

Brands as icons

2019 Ikonen Installationsansicht für Web MM 046

Iconic people & iconic moments

2019 Ikonen Installationsansicht für Web MM 128 Kopie

Iconization of the I

2019 Ikonen Installationsansicht für Web MM 061

House altars

With the graphic aureole, a dynamic key visual was created that individually adapts the color scheme of each motif, generating a pulling effect that draws all the attention to one picture and thus recreates the immediate museum experience of one art piece per room. In this way, the posters by the Kunsthalle Bremen managed to highlight individual parts of the exhibition and at the same time become a work of art themselves. In the announcement phase, the aureole was initially used as a solitary and then later in connection with selected artworks.

Before and during the exhibition duration from 19 October 2019 to 1 March 2020, numerous advertising measures and activities made the exhibition public, both online and offline. Including digital, animated out-of-home advertising posters and a movie trailer, designed and produced by MetaDesign.

191112 KHB Zubehör
CLP Koons
KHB Copyright Melanka Helms
Melanka 6223
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_Photo credits: Melanka Helms, Marcus Meyer

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