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Dortmund Concert Hall

Resonance chamber for heart and soul


  • Arts & culture


  • Messaging and claims
  • Brand identity
  • Dynamic design guidelines
  • Brand implementation
  • Brand communications (internal and external)

The situation

Only Dortmund sounds like this The Dortmund Concert Hall (KHD) offers an incomparable field of tension. The best artists in the world with demanding programs, encounter an enthusiastic public in an unusual location and share unique musical moments with excellent acoustics.

Our strategy

We create resonance chambers for heart and soul, from flights of fancy to raptures of the deep. At KHD, music becomes a living, extraordinary experience: The guests leave the hall changed, they are emotionally moved and intellectually stimulated - each in their own way, time and again.

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Our process

From the start, there was a close interlinking between strategy and creation, as well as between client and MetaDesign. Starting the design discourse early led to intensive dialogs which were held with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. It was precisely this collaborative and personal exchange which brought both sides as well as ultimately the development of the design forward.

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Our solution

The design translates the experience of sound in the concert all to the visual level. The core element is a resonance frame which can be used in a variety of ways. Together with a strong typography, accent color cyan and a flexible layout principle, a concise brand identity is produced. The current campaign enacts the various emotions of the sound experience and allows the listener to form an image.

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