Metadesign Getsafe Packaging Design Exterior


Creating a brand from scratch is no small undertaking.


  • Financial services


  • Dynamic design guidelines

Our first step with GetSafe was to find a position it could own in the crowded home-security market. We zeroed in on the idea of freedom. With freedom as our guide, we were then able to develop a brand personality that would set GetSafe apart from the competition.

Metadesign Getsafe Packaging Design Interior
Metadesign Getsafe Packaging Design Detail

Unlike traditional security providers, GetSafe encourages customers to take their system with them if they move. We designed packaging that makes doing so easy.

Metadesign Getsafe Packaging Design Exterior

We reinforced the idea of freedom with a snapshot photography style. This is a product for people on the go.

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Metadesign Getsafe Website Home Page Design
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