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To fight climate change, innovative and sustainable technologies are more important than ever. This is where Climeworks steps in: the Swiss pioneer has developed a revolutionary technology to capture CO2 directly from the air, enabling each of us to remove our CO2 emissions – for a climate positive future. We support the Swiss company with a new brand identity on its path to the end consumer business.

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To achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Convention and counteract climate change, the Swiss company Climeworks removes CO2 directly from the air and petrifies it by natural processes to store it permanently.

We support the sustainable development of the brand identity, which is based on Climeworks' ambitions. At the centre of the strategic work on the brand is the new purpose: We empower people to reverse climate change.

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In the new brand design we focus on this transformation of CO2 to stone – from the gaseous to the solid state of aggregation. Through the use of two fonts in the logo and colorful design elements, we tell the story of metamorphosis throughout the entire brand experience, staging round and square shapes in a graphic and playful way. Core elements that can be found again and again throughout all further implementations.

To make this metamorphosis tangible and amenable, we chose an imagery that is natural, warm and authentic. One, that shows nature in different states of aggregation by focusing on textures as well as the people and the technology that enables the change.

This visual storytelling, a natural, activating tonality and an overall positive vibe are the main characteristics of the new Climeworks brand – and introduce a breath of fresh air into the industry.

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