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Aide suisse à la montagne

Revitalizing the Swiss alpine world


  • Public sector & non-profit


  • Messaging and claims
  • Brand identity
  • Brand implementation
  • Brand communications

The Swiss mountain regions are facing demographic and economic challenges. And a diverse mountain world depends on equally diverse support. This is where Schweizer Berghilfe plays a role. An organization, deeply committed to the Swiss mountain population: promoting entrepreneurial spirit, supporting a wide variety of projects and advanced training – thereby creating and maintaining vital jobs. In short: Schweizer Berghilfe campaigns for a vibrant alpine world.

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With sharpened brand positioning, clear messages, and a concise visual identity, MetaDesign has translated this promise into a bold and future-oriented brand image.

Through positive attitude we celebrate the courage, passion, creativity and willpower of the Swiss mountain people. A positivity which is also expressed through the content, clear statements and a reinvigorated tonality that addresses its audience at eye level, in partnership – always full of joie de vivre, and a twinkle in our eye.

Colourful, modular and flexible: The design clearly expresses the rediscovered self-confidence of the Schweizer Berghilfe. The typography and the new logo refer to a sign language, used for path markings and shapes that have been familiar to the alpine regions for centuries – simultaneously they represent a mountain world that is both contemporary and future-oriented.

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