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B. Braun

A promise to life


  • Healthcare


  • Positioning
  • Market and brand equity insights
  • Brand identity systems (CI/VI)
  • Interaction and experience design (UI/UX)
  • Spatial design (retail, trade, signage)
  • Brand implementation
  • Brand communications (internal and external)
  • Brand governance (blueprint and monitoring)

B. Braun is a globally leading brand with 175 years of history and experience in the healthcare industry, taking the next step into the future.

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The situation

At B. Braun, more than 55,000 employees every day lead a close dialogue with customers and partners, in order to develop and provide solutions, to protect human health and to improve life in a sustainable manner. To continue writing this success story, B. Braun increasingly uses the power of branding.

Our strategy

We set an even stronger focus of interest on Sharing Expertise as the formula of success. Together with B. Braun we define an uniform understanding of Sharing Expertise, in order to express an evolved brand identity, spanning countries and divisions. In this process, the employees, being trained and given the role and responsibility of brand ambassadors, are key.

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What we did

In a participatory process, we lift Sharing Expertise up to the next level.

  • Comprehensive analysis and development of strategic scenarios, brand positioning, and story
  • Design of a visual identity with strong dialog orientation
  • Brand language/styleguide
  • Brand ambassador program
  • Global brand trainings
  • Brand portal and brand book
  • Numerous applications; from campaigns to exhibitions
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Our solution

The developed brand lays the foundation to continuously bring the defined identity to life. The new brand not only defines the principles but sets a process in motion. The brand has become the new guiding star in order to implement Sharing Expertise in an ongoing process and to live it from the inside out – day by day.

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