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Working with digital health startups offers us the chance to create brands that can literally save lives.

Metadesign Propeller Brand Identity

Propeller makes a connected device that liberates people from many of the constraints imposed by asthma and COPD. The new Propeller brand is open and friendly but also sophisticated enough to communicate effectively with different audiences.

Metadesign Propeller Mobile App

The spiral symbol suggests movement and growth – key benefits of the Propeller device and app.

Metadesign Propeller Brand Illustration2
Metadesign Propeller Brand Illustration1
Metadesign Propeller Brand Guidelines

Our messaging focuses on the possibilities that Propeller opens to people with asthma or COPD.

Metadesign Propeller Brand Illustration People
Metadesign Propeller Mobile Website
Metadesign Propeller Copd Device
Metadesign Propeller Packaging Back
Metadesign Propeller Branded Tote Bag And T Shirt

“Digital health is complex – the products, the market, everything. MetaDesign helped us navigate this complexity and delivered the brand Propeller needed and the tools to bring it to life.”

Chris Hogg, COO, Propeller

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