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Cognizant is one of the world's leading professional services companies, transforming clients' business, operating and technology models for the digital era. So how do you create additional impact for an already established player, without causing disruption in recognition?

In order to modernize Cognizant's brand without compromising it's recognition value, it was essential to work together with the Cognizant team in a highly collaborative partnership. After we were established a clear understanding of Cognizant's vision and goals for the brand, the competitive marketplace as well as the target audience, we were able to create a new personality which would serve as a foundation and guide for the new brand identity and visual system.

Cognizant vorher nachher

The outcome is a clear and bold logotype, that unmistakably marks a new era for Cognizant, but still is loyal to the core of the reputable and established brand. The logo reflects the kind of work, that Cognizant is doing today: digital, transformative, helping their clients keep pace with competition or change the game completely.

Cognizant Services Logos

The new flexible design language, including refreshed colours and a system of icons, mirrors Cognizant as a category leader and reflects the company's evolution. The simple, clear and digital-compatible design system helps the traditional B2B business to inspire new target groups and to remain ahead of their competitors.

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