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The future of healthcare branding

Healthcare has changed significantly over the years. And COVID19 changed things up again. Here's a look at how you can unlock brand potential, create business value, and transform a whole industry.

Rethink. Transform. Resolve.

What are current trends in healthcare branding? What are marketing strategists doing differently in a new normal that regards innovation, efficiency, sustainability, equity, integrity and access to good health as measures of progress? We curated a panel of healthcare experts and asked them for their perspectives on rethinking healthcare branding, unlocking brand potential and creating business value.

Brand experience by design

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Focusing on every interaction along the customer journey. Digital and analog.
By “designing” them, healthcare brands can create delightful brand experiences. Increasing longevity.

What's your purpose?

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What’s on the inside matters as much as the outside. Purpose guides business – the key to powerful and impactful communications.

Access & Inclusion

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Knowing how your audience consumes content. Begin to successfully shape the touchpoints where communication comes to life. In the pursuit of creating a sustainable, more inclusive world.

Our panel of global healthcare experts

Cedric Berset

Director of Marketing, Communications & Sales at Medgate


Margaret Chan-Thorp

Founder and CEO


Dr. Prakash Govitrikar

Doctor of Dental Medicine


William R Henning Jr

Manager, Corporate Communications Department at Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.


Christine Lane

SVP, Marketing at AmerisourceBergen


Dr. Cécile Mack

Managing Director Digital Products & Marketing at Springer Medizin Verlag GmbH


Ariane Mellenthin

Head of Corporate Marketing & Communications at SIGVARIS GROUP headquarters


Majid Nolley

Manager, Brand & Marketing Operations at Allscripts Healthcare


Prof. Dr. Volker Nürnberg

Professor of Health Management at Allensbach University


Steve Plesker

Managing Director Market & Products at AOK-Bundesverband


Dr. Florence Randrianarisoa

Physician and medical journalist


Belinda Steinmann

Marketing Directorat at Orthotec


Margaret B. Thompson

Family Therapist


Till Trilling

CEO of Berlin-based fitness startup ride.bln.


Dr. Benedikt Zacher

Entrepreneur and Investor, CIO bei Vindex


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