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Celebrating a branding icon

In almost every client engagement there comes a moment when I get asked, how do you keep the MetaDesign brand experience at the MetaHaus so reliably consistent and visually delightful year after year? I say the same thing each time: Two words, Regina Lindenlauf.

Regina is quite possibly the only person (past or present) who qualifies as the soul of MetaDesign. If you think us Metaners live and breathe MetaDesign, you should see Regina. Day in and day out, come rain come shine, come Corona, the MetaDesign fire never extinguishes because Regina holds our torch. She is the stuff legends are made of and yet, a more down-to-earth person at MetaDesign is impossible to find. Always in the background, always equipping everyone with the MetaDesign touch, and never seeking recognition – I’m not sure such people are even real!

Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones who get to meet her, or even luckier to have worked with her. But the luckiest are those for whom she has made a difference. I am one of those. And I want to shout out and celebrate her and most of all thank her for all that she does.

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Happy birthday dear Regina. All hail the MetaQueen.