Creativity Meets Social Engagement

Finding and recruiting the right talent has always been a tough job. Nowadays especially agencies need to find new and unconventional ways to attract the best talent and keep up with auspicious startups and other fast-paced business environments that promise, like agencies, diversified work, innovative approaches, and rapid personal growth.

This is why MetaDesign is participating at university-led forums like Heldentage, a scholarship competition by Design Akademie Berlin (SRH University of Communication and Design). Following the theme “creativity meets social engagement,” a hundred prospective students from all over Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg joined the challenge and created, with the support of MetaDesign, a social campaign in a single day. Besides doing good, this platform gives prospective students an ideal opportunity to get a deeper insight into the marketing and communications industry and test their creative capabilities.


The challenge started with a short briefing by the cooperation partner Young Heroes covering the central question “How can a social campaign motivate people to make a decision for or against organ donation?”

Once all heroes were divided into smaller groups, the intense workshop phase began and MetaDesign came into play. From introducing the basics of key messaging to explaining creative techniques and challenging first thoughts, we supported the teams in creating strong campaigns that not only answer the central question and match the given requirements but surprise with unconventional ideas.


After a development phase, the results were presented to all university members. Personally, I was most impressed by the idea of the “organomat,” a kind of gaming machine where you have to grab a heart with a gripper arm.

The lucky winners of this year’s Heldentage challenge were Lea and Lea, who convinced the jury with their outstanding ideas and unique presentation style. Apart from fame and glory, good insight into the marketing industry, and a direct line to MetaDesign’s recruiting team, they were awarded marketing communication and communications design scholarships worth €50,000 by Design Akademie Berlin. Congratulations, ladies! Enjoy your studies, and get in touch once you’re looking for some practical experience!

As a recruiter in the creative industry, witnessing the group dynamics and joint explorations — especially during the hectic workshop phase — was a great experience that gave me pretty clear indicators regarding potential recruits. It was also fun. There are few things better than being locked with a hundred creatives for an entire day!

Gina Renner is a recruiter at MetaDesign Berlin.