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The situation

TARGOBANK is Germany’s leading credit bank. In order to open up additional client segments, it is currently undergoing the transformation into an omni-channel bank. The challenge is to further develop brand identity so that it becomes attractive beyond the existing core target group.


Our strategy

TARGOBANK is well-known, but for non-clients it lacks a clear profile as a universal bank. Its perception should therefore be refined towards more intrinsic value. The implementation of a flexible design system which is based on the different requirements of the segments and target groups makes it possible to have a standardized management of the identity.


Our process

In an agile process with strategy and design sprints, we have developed the appropriate brand experience. As brand model, the Brand Leadership Platform® serves as a strategic basis. On this basis, we have developed a convincing new brand identity. In addition, various internal and external stakeholders were familiarized with the new design in interactive on-boardings.

Our solution

TARGOBANK obtains a clear, emotional profile as the basis for a modern and flexible new brand identity. The new brand design is as multifaceted as life itself. It is at the same time clear and simple, and can be understood quickly and easily in any situation. Focus was placed on developing a flexible system which is based on the different requirements of the segments and target groups.


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