Sharpening the profile of an industry leader


  • Financial services


  • Brand communications (internal and external)

The situation

As a German subsidiary of the cooperative “Credit Mutuel,” TARGOBANK is the leading German credit bank. The country’s most economic bank is undergoing a transformation into omni-channel bank. This development is intended to attract additional wealthy customers. The goal is a consistent reorientation and a new external image.


Our strategy

The bank is popular with its customers and is clearly perceived, but not by non- or target customers.

Our aim was to manage the perception of TARGOBANK in a uniform and clear manner by sharpening the brand profile and aligning it with the expansion of the product portfolio.


Our process

In an agile process and with short strategy- and design sprints we have implemented a new brand experience.

Our scope of work included:

  • Ideation workshop “Experience”
  • Development brand model “Brand Leadership Platform”
  • Brand design system
  • Top-management onboarding sessions

Our solution

Giving the bank a clear emotional profile. The basis for a modern new brand design, full of variety.

The new brand design is as diverse as life itself. However, it is clear and tidy to be understood quickly and easily in every situation. The focus was on digital applications, the expansion then took place in the analog space.


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