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  • Healthcare


  • Brand identity systems (CI/VI)
  • Dynamic design guidelines

Are you ready for the digital doc? With its sharpened brand appearance, Medgate allows a glance into the healthcare of tomorrow: digital, dialog-driven, and easy to access. Always with the aim to improve their patients’ lives for a better health system and society.

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The situation

Medgate mandated us to explore and create ways to catapult the pioneer of telemedicine to the forefront. Medgate leads the way in digital medical advice. Artificial intelligence in their app enables them to communicate and to advise their patients 24/7. Our task is to find new ways to communicate the Medgate USP of medical advice anytime and anywhere.

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Our strategy

From simple information to a service from people for people – medical advice redefined. Our strategy is based on a thorough understanding about the way people are using medical services. We created a communication concept that highlights the benefit of digital health. At the same time, it tells how people can access medical advice 24/7 with ease, without leaving their home, always aiming to improve their lives.

What we did

A strongly dialog-based process that brings the engagement of the Medgate founders to life.

  • Development brand identity
  • Brand manifesto
  • New visual identity with a focus on dialog
  • Design of touchpoints with a focus on apps
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Our solution

The answer is a brand identity and appearance that showcases health counselling of tomorrow.

From the signage system to the website and the app, the new brand appearance clearly shows what health counselling of the future looks like: digital, dialog-driven and easy to access. Always dedicated to improve patients’ lives, the health system as well as to contribute to society as such.

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Numbers speak for themselves

  • 300+ invited doctors and medical employees to the internal launch

  • 1 brand new app for video-based medical advice

  • 50,000+ page views on the new website

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