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Leading the way for responsible business

Want to be at the forefront of sustainability? Then do good and talk about it! Deutsche Telekom is already committed to sustainable business with a broad number of activities. In order to create more transparency and visibility, all activities are being bundled under one unifying initiative. As a long-standing partner of Deutsche Telekom, we support this cooperation between CR and the brand.


Commitment to sustainability can take many different forms. Therefore, we have designed all development steps holistically from the very beginning. In close coordination with our customer, a strong conceptual basis was created for the initiative. From structuring the broad field of existing sustainability initiatives in order to create the right strategy for Telekom on the basis of the findings, to developing the strategic namimg options and the final name.

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Each label is only worth as much as the quality of the awarding process. This is exactly what we have ensured conceptually. Together with the customer, we defined a process for awarding the "we care" label – including all relevant interfaces, and prepared a detailed application form based on the newly created sustainability criteria. Afterwards a committee examines whether the respective project qualifies and can be awarded a "we care" label.

Evaluation Label Types
Label Award Process

The "we care" sustainability initiative is a promise that shows the way towards a more sustainable Telekom. Flexible in its use, it shows along two categories (Environment and Digital Participation) which Telekom products contribute to the topic of sustainability and in what form. This creates transparency, but also provides countless opportunities to inspire and motivate customers, colleagues and partners to adopt a more sustainable behavior.

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